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Friday, 28 Jun 2024

Rolling in for Rank! Hacksaw Gaming and Rank UK Join Forces for an Exciting Future

The first milestone in a list of many! Rank UK is officially live with a number of Hacksaw Gaming titles ready for players to experience! With future prospects underway, this new pairing is already looking to be an exceptional one. 

Wanted Dead or a Wild, Le Bandit, R.I.P City, Chaos Crew - all Hacksaw staple titles that are known for shaking up user experience and sparking the interest of players globally. These and more are now proudly featured for the next 4 weeks on the homepage of Rank UK’s platforms, showcasing our diverse universe of content! 

Rank aims to deliver exciting and entertaining experiences in safe, sustainable and rewarding environments. Their mission aligns perfectly with that of Hacksaw’s. The goal of making waves within the remote gaming community, daring to disrupt and create content that provides a one of a kind experience for the Hacksaw community. 

Reflecting on this exciting endeavour, Rank spokesperson stated that “Hacksaw Gaming is launching with an exhilarating array of games, captivating themes, and thrilling gameplay. We're not just launching slots; we're unleashing a tidal wave of entertainment that will captivate players in the UK. Get ready to spin and experience the future of gaming like never before.”

Marcus Cordes, CEO of Hacksaw Gaming also shares Rank’s enthusiasm towards this new beginning. “Bringing our star titles to UK players will strengthen our Hacksaw community and continue to shake up the industry! A huge shout out to the dedication shown from both teams on this launch, a true testament to the determination of how we work here at Hacksaw Gaming.” 

With whispers of a UK exclusive coming up very soon, you’re not going to want to take your eyes away from this new partnership. 

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