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Wednesday, 26 Jul 2023

Our IG Community is Over 10,000-strong!

Hacksaw HQ was popping the champers once more last week.

Except this time we weren't picking up another piece of glistening silverware to add to our trophy cabinet.

Our Instagram account, barely two years old, recently surpassed the 10,000-follower mark. Quite a feat in such a short space of time and a reflection of our games' popularity in the eyes of our fans.

While we also boast a considerable presence on LinkedIn, Twitter (sorry, X)... and to a lesser extent, Facebook, our Instagram account has seen the fastest community growth since we made our presence felt on the platform back in 2021, and seems a natural fit for iGaming since this is where the hip and trendy gaming crowd, or 'grammers', tend to hang out.

Consider yourself one of the cool kids?

Then head on over our Instagram account today where you can expect a mix of quality posts, stories, and video content shared several times per week to keep you in the loop with all the happenings at your favorite game studio!

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