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Wednesday, 26 Jun 2024

Going for Goals with Kaizen! Hacksaw Gaming’s First Ever Branded Slot!

This month we are celebrating a Hacksaw Gaming first, and what a first this is! After a lengthy grind with Kaizen, the teams on both ends can now officially introduce our first ever branded slot - Cup Heroes!  

Kaizen, an industry leader and the official sponsor of Euro 2024 and the Conmebol Copa América, has been a trusted partner for nearly two years. Together, we decided to take our collaboration to the next level with this special project. Previously, our focus with Kaizen was on branded Dare2Win games, but this time we wanted to create something truly unique.

Cup Heroes combines a clear football theme with our signature Hacksaw flair, aligning perfectly with Kaizen’s goals (pardon the pun) to foster community and sportsmanship around these major tournaments. With prospects to launch Cup Heroes in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, and the UK, we’re setting the stage for players globally to enjoy this innovative game.

To provide an inner insight to this terrific feat, CEO of Hacksaw Gaming, Marcus Cordes, stated that “This is a huge step forward for not only Hacksaw ourselves, but for our partnership with Kaizen too. We have proved once again that we deliver the best for both players and partners, and will strive to continue to do just that. A true testament to our strong collaboration with Kaizen, we’re excited to see how their players will respond to such an exclusive game!”

Does this mean more branded slots for Hacksaw and our partners in the future? Only time will tell, but if this successful launch is any indication, then we’d be inclined to say that it’s certainly not impossible. 

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