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Friday, 01 Sep 2023

August 2023 Game Release Wrap

Ahh, August...

That month when the leaves start to sport a slightly darker shade of golden brown and the sun is increasingly absent in the sky. Some love the prospect of crisper days; others mourn the sun's disappearing face.

Alas, for all the changes nature brings with the transitioning of the seasons, we've remained a model of consistency at Hacksaw HQ as our production line treated casino fans to three new stellar titles dropping in August.

So, where will it be - a far-flung Asian paradise, the grimy Paris back streets, or a retro gaming arcade?


Out August 10th, Ronin Stackways whisks players to the Far East tasked with honoring fallen wandering warriors in the heart of their sacred valley. Only the second game in our portfolio to offer a 2/5 volatility score, this game saw the return of our ground-breaking Stackways mechanic that made its debut months earlier via Mayan Stackways - a heavy-hitting, volatile game evoking the mystery of the Ancient Mayans.

Paired with lower volatility and a dialed-back max win, Ronin Stackways is an altogether more tranquil but no less enjoyable affair that invites players to channel their inner zen, and has won countless slot fans since launch.


A fortnight later, players were encouraged to be on guard as crowbar-wielding Smokey Le Bandit rocked up into town complete with sinister grin, sticky paws, and a peculiar Irish disguise. Flipping from loveable rogue one moment to back-street bandit the next, this dastard raccoon loves nothing more than fleecing unwitting inner-city dwellers as they make their way around town.

Packing a sizeable 10,000x max win, Le Bandit offers up multi-layered gameplay with three separate bonus rounds including one that cannot be bought. It all makes for a comical cultural mash-up that shows a decidedly darker side to urban Paris life.


Wheeling its way to players on August 29th, our latest Dare2Win addition aims to reinvent a game show favorite. The aim in WHEEL is to land the market in one of the winning segments after it has stopped spinning.

And like all Dare2Win titles, players are able to configure the game to their liking. Shoot for the big bucks by setting the Risk high, or play it safe by keeping it low. Enable Turbo mode if you like to spin wheely fast, while Autoplay spins on your behalf without needing to lift a finger!

Sometimes, less is more. The fewer winning segments you choose to activate, the higher their potential payouts, but the longer the odds. It's a battle of Risk vs. Reward, with YOU in the driving seat!

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