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Get ballin' with Plinko!

Can you picture it: the dings and dongs of the machines, the scent and sizzle of food and drinks, and the joyful exclamations of the patrons around you?

The classic Plinko casino game is inspired by the pachinko parlors of Japan and was made to capture that special feeling of hopeful expectation and excitement! Now you can experience the same, wherever you may be, through the heart-pounding suspense of Plinko.

Given a unique Hacksaw twist, we've taken this fan favorite and adapted it to the online casino market that continues to display a growing thirst for instant win games. A few drops of the ball, and you'll quickly find out why this creation has won a place in the hearts of so many players.

As you watch the ball slowly tumble down the pegs toward the bottom, do you keep your cool and calmly wait or are you more of a “point-at-the-screen-and-shout” type? Whichever description fits the bill, there is something for you in Plinko. So what are you waiting for? The balls may be tiny, but the potential wins are big! Check out the features that lie inside our take on a beloved casino game...



As a Dare2Win™ game, Plinko offers different ways of configuring the game to your liking and playstyle. You can choose how many rows of pegs to play with in your pyramid (from 8 to 16), and what risk level you want to experience (low, medium, high), which affects the volatility of the game.


Select your desired bet amount and press BET to start the game. This drops a ball at the top of the pyramid, which then starts traveling down and bouncing on the pegs. More than one ball can be in play at once, just press BET again (and again, and again…) to drop more!


Once a ball reaches the bottom of the pyramid, it will fall into one of the multiplier zones underneath it and award a prize based on the multiplier value times your bet amount! Zones in the middle award less, and zones at the edges award more, with the leftmost zone offering a max win of up to 3843x!


Volatility: The volatility in Plinko depends on how you choose to play the game!
Wintype: InstantWin
Max win: 3,843.3x
RTP: 98.98%; 98.28%; 97.27%; 96.02%; 94.30%; 92.03%; 88.20%
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