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Well Hello, Hi-Lo!

We're going old-school with our latest instant win release.

Hi-Lo is as simple as it sounds. Guess the next card and hope for the best. Don't like your starting card? Then swap it for another. Again. And again (and again...)

Play it your way. Hi, Lo, Red, or Black? You decide!


Bet and Win

Before the betting round kicks off you're able to swap the current card you're presented with as many times as you like - the power is in your hands. Are you the type that always needs to start with super high or super low cards for added security? Or more of a risk taker who loves to take a gamble with middling cards? Hi-Lo has styles to suit every type.

As soon as you hit BET the game will begin with the card displayed in the middle of the screen. You can keep playing as long as you want before collecting your winnings - or, sadly, losing them. However you play, you have full control over your destiny.

Guess the Next Card

You have four available options regarding the next card. Once you hit one of the options, the card will appear on-screen. Guess correctly and the win will be added to your collectible win haul. Guess wrong, and you'll leave empty-handed, losing any accumulated winnings for that current betting round.

Due to the randomness of the game, every new card is picked out totally at random from a brand-new deck of cards - so don't be surprised if you see the same card appear more than once in quick succession. Each new card is entirely independent of previous results.

Here's what you can bet on:

Black: Choose this if you think the next card will be black.
Red: If you bet on this and the card is red, you're a winner!
Higher or same: With King the highest value card, bet on this if you think the next card will be of equal or higher value.
Lower or same: The opposite of the previous option, bet on this if you feel the next card will be of equal or lower value - Ace being the lowest.


Volatility: Variable; your choices determine the outcome!
Wintype: Instant Win
Max win: 5,000x
RTP: 98.00%, 97.00%, 96.00%, 94.00%, 92.00%, 88.00%
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